Who I’ve Worked With

I work both in B2B and B2C with clients mainly in the travel, IT/technology and video production sectors. Here’s my full list of clients, in alphabetical order:

Adztream *
Angela Grosvenor Leadership Coaching
Bickbox (not yet trading)
Curateo * (not yet trading)
Dawson Logistics *
De Rooy Media
Dear Rain
Do You Bake
Dounsiz Lipo Center *
Drawn to Discover *
Enchanted Soul (crowdfunding campaign)

Escape Room Dilemma LLC (not yet trading)
Hammerman Rosen LLP *
Health Enhancement Systems
Hopping In
K Sasser CPA, the Cyber CFO *
Language Boost
Law Office of Richard Roman Shum Esq. *
Lukitusturva *
Modulus *
New Skills Academy
Nordgold *
Pestanimation (Mark Tetzner)
Polar Media
Rethinkery Labs

Rideports (crowdfunding campaign)
Sergio Pest Control *
Shurig Solutions *
SmartFoods Vending *
Stanford University Business School
Talent Engagement Network *
Tech Away IT Solutions
Tigori (crowdfunding campaign)
Transparansee LLC * (not yet trading)
USA Couriers *
Webstart (not yet trading)
A Wright Path *

* Clients I worked with through agencies

How to Get In Touch

Tell me about your project and I’ll let you know how I can use my wealth of experience to help. Simply contact me by clicking on the button below.