I’m Chris Behrsin, a copywriter and digital nomad who specialises in travel, IT/tech and video scripts. Throughout my copywriting career, I’ve gained a reputation for outstanding work.

What People Say About Me

De Rooy Media

Chris helped us with making a video script smoother. Thanks to his copywriting we can move on and use the video for sales.

Lars De Rooy, Founder


Chris re-wrote a script for a VSL video for us and he did a great job. He's clear in his communication and he did a very good job! We're looking forward to work with him in the future!

Jan Van Der Aa, Joint Founder

Dear Rain

Would definitely work again with Chris. His writing is first class and working with him was beyond smooth. Clear deadlines, great communication.

Daniela Ramirez, Founder

I'm a...


I started out as a copywriter on the freelancing network, UpWork. Within months I reached a point where I could charge professional rates. So, I decided to start Journey Copywriting.

Here, I’m delighted to offer the same level of service that earned me a 100% feedback rating and dozens of superb reviews.

PS If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a professional writer, Upwork’s a great place to start. I wrote a guest post about it for a high-authority travel blog, which you can read here.


I’ve been a writer for over a decade, working as fiction writer, technical author, academic editor, and blogger.

For fiction, I write mainly Science Fiction and Fantasy and I’ve been trained by some of the top names in the field, including James Gunn and Cat Rambo.

My published stories have won prizes and garnered excellent reviews.

All this allows me to write copy that speaks to the emotions of your potential customers. Since people buy based on emotions, this in an incredibly valuable skill in a copywriter.


For several years I lived abroad in China, Korea and Poland, teaching English to non-native speakers. This taught me how to explain things in simple terms, a valuable skill for a copywriter.

Now, I travel the world, copywriting as I go. 

Of course living in different countries has taught me a lot about the travel industry. This allows me to write travel copy from first-hand experience of what it is to be a traveller. An essential skill.

If you wish to read more about my travels, my wife and I run a travel blog at www.beinganomad.com.

IT/Tech Junkie

In the past, I enjoyed a six year career in IT as a software engineer. There I learnt technical skills and gained the ability to quickly come to terms with complex concepts.

I’ve also worked as a technical author in the medical and financial services sectors. Plus, I’m educated to Masters level with an MSc in Computing.

All this allows me to offer services as an intelligent copywriter, who can sell technical ideas using simple language.

My Values


I go the extra mile to make sure my clients know what they’re getting in advance. You can read how my process works here.

Work Ethic

I dedicate myself to my projects from the very go. I believe in providing the best possible work I can to my clients. So, I strive to get things right on my first attempt.

Customer Satisfaction

Happy clients make happy freelancers. Because of this, I communicate with my clients to make sure everything is perfect before signing off.

How to Get In Touch

Tell me about your project and I’ll let you know how I can use my wealth of experience to help. Simply contact me by clicking on the button below.